lingvia translations


Translation, language checking and editing, proofreading


Lingvia Translations is a professional translation agency offering language services in the form of translation, language checking and editing, and proofreading. We mainly translate from German, Finnish and English into Swedish, but please also ask for an offer for other language combinations. We translate a great variety of texts, everything from those of a more general nature to specialised texts that require knowledge of special terminology within a certain field. We have particular experience in translating marketing and publicity materials, web sites, and texts related to culture and the environment.


Our special areas:

  1. publicity and marketing
  2. society
  3. culture
  4. tourism
  5. environment
  6. social and health care
  7. EU documents

In order to save time and provide you with the fastest deliveries possible, Lingvia Translations use Wordfast, a computer aided translation tool, along with other technical aids.